Unique and local

You might think it is hard to find something unique and local, especially when you live in a small seaside village such as La Herradura in Spain, but look no further.

I now offer many of my designs on various products such as T shirts and tote bags in La Herradura. I am especially happy that Dani, the owner of Transferlandia in the main square in the village has a new printing machine, which means that he can offer excellent printing quality.

Aries horoscope tote bag

When you visit Dani you can ask for my designs (there is a map with a lot of colourful images). How about a T-shirt or tote bag with you own horoscope sign! Or a T-shirt or tote bag with a flamenco image!

I have created some designs with a text, for example Flamenco in La Herradura. But if you like a design and would prefer a different text, e.g. I love Spain or I love Flamenco…. or a text of your choice, just ask Dani and he can arrange this for you. Sometimes he is busy so you have to calculate a few days for your bag or T shirt to be ready.

Especially the tote bags are a lovely gift to yourself or friends back home. They weigh hardly anything, so they are  easy to add to your luggage without going over your allowed weight and you are helping the environment in the process. How cool is that!

Now the above images are images from my www.renartsworldfahion.com. If you are not living in or near La Herradura you can get many of my images on the above mentioned website. So feel free to visit that.

However, if you live in or near La Herradura I can highly recommend Transferlandia. I will include some images at the bottom. Now I’m not the greatest photographer and my models didn’t want their heads shown, so the photos are just to give you an idea!

Close up image flamenco in La Herradura tote bag

As far as prices are concerned, the white and cream coloured bags are only 10 Euros, but if you like a black bag it is more expensive as Dani has to add a white layer first in order for the coloured layer to come out clear and bright.  Feel free to pay Transferlandia a visit, find out about the prices and look at the many designs I have made available!

As you know, for a unique gift, you can shop locally.

For an overview of all the available images check out Transferlandia images


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