The Law of Attraction

You might have heard of the law of attraction or perhaps not. A number of years ago, there was a big hype with the book and DVD ‘The Secret’ and I must admit, I liked it. I was already familiar with the term and I am very tempted to believe that it is all true. However, it isn’t an easy task. In case you have never heard about it; in simple words it means that if you think of something, but then also really strongly believing that it will happen, and even sensing, imagining, feeling what it would be like if you had what you want, then by law, it will come into your life. So far so good and boy have I tried over the years to visualise that my book Cheers, which I truly believe can help so many people, would be a best seller and that my art would be discovered and loved by lots of international art collectors. But so far, the law seems to have failed me. However, on a small scale it has always worked and I used to visualise getting a parking space, wherever I would go, busy or not busy and it always worked, without a miss. You could argue that it is easy to attract fairly unimportant things, you don’t have an overruling believe that this is never going to happen. But when it comes down to the big things in life it becomes more complicated. Think about health. Many believe that you can heal yourself with thoughts (and OK, the right nutrition is also important because just wishing and subsequently poisoning yourself, might be a bit contradictory). There are many studies that suggest that the placebo effect is a very real thing, so this in itself might make you wonder how much truth there is in such a ‘you can heal yourself’ statement. So where lies the problem? Experts in this field say it has everything to do with your subconscious. You might wish yourself rich, healthy, in a loving relationship, but if you subconsciously think that such a thing is never going to happen to you, or that others are the lucky ones, not you, then your wish will not be able to materialize. Some say you can override those subconscious thoughts and there are many ways of doing so. One of them is saying mantras or affirmations, which means you constantly repeat a certain sentence with a positive thought, for example ‘I am super healthy’. Repeating it for weeks in a row, some say at least 90 days, for at least 21 times a day. I have tried it, but so far I’ve seen little proof. How come I then still believe in this theory? Well, I have seen little proof, but I have had some. And if I’m totally honest I find the visualisations very difficult to maintain and keeping up a 90 days regime of affirmations has, so far, been impossible for me. I easily drift off in a “yeah … right” kind of state of mind and thus breaking the magic spell if you want to think of it like that. But how about my proof you might wonder? Well, after I split up with my ex, I was single for a number of years and I started longing for a partner. Not an easy thing if you are in the beginning of your fifties. I could not imagine that I would ever meet someone. Then a friend, who visited my house, saw my paintings. Most of them portray just one female figure. These types of paintings were also in my bedroom. She then suggested to put only paintings with couples in my bedroom. I already had the painting called Distant Attraction’ and I specifically painted ‘The Law of Attraction painting. I hang them on my wall and only one and a half year or so later I met my now husband. He even looks a little like the man in my painting. Now you are very welcome to believe or not believe the law of attraction is a real thing. However, if you are single and would like a partner, then why not test this theory? It certainly won’t harm you and any art will enhance the atmosphere in a home for the better. If you like my work you can get a canvas print from both paintings in various sizes. For this you can click on the links above. The reason why I don’t sell the originals? I like to stay married and have no intention to sell these two paintings! Just in case the law of attraction pushes me in a direction that I don’t want!

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