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You have reached my website because you searched for, and then clicked on La Herradura Cultural. La Herradura Cultural is a web magazine that was created by me and my friend and business partner Ferry Verhoeve. I have now incorporated this magazine into my own website. I explain the reason for this below. Would you like to visit La Herradura Cultural, with information about Cultural events, you can click on the link above.

My name is Renate van Nijen. I am a Dutch born artist and writer living in the seaside village of La Herradura in southern Spain. This is where I get inspired by my surroundings for my books and art. This is also where I conduct my art classes.

I created the La Herradura Cultural web page to promote my book ‘Reflections from La Herradura’. This book gives you information about the past and the present of this magical village. Each individual story in the book also describes a specific location in the village. Therefore,  the book also serves as an itinerary to get to know the village. For more information feel free to click on the link above.

After three years things in my life changed and I’ve decided to discontinue the La Herradura Cultural website as a separate page. Instead, I decided to include interesting and cultural information about both La Herradura and its municipal town of Almuñécar, which is only 5 km away, on my website. I also share weekly information via my Facebook page called La Herradura-Almuñécar Cultural. Music, films in English, interesting events, etc. So feel free to follow me there!

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