The Art of Feeling Better

‘I feel better’, ‘I can forgive’ and ‘I feel better with astrology’ are part of a series called ‘The art of feeling better’
Each book contains visualisations and images of free-hand mandalas made by me. I first came up with the idea to write this series when a friend, who had survived cancer, told me she was really helped by positive thoughts, visualisation and beautiful images. She thought of the idea of a book and gave me permission to use her idea to create the series ‘The Art of Feeling Better’.

I decided to combine visualisations with mandalas so that people could concentrate on the mandalas whilst listening to the text, or simply read the text first and then contemplate on the mandala. I do not pretend that these visualisations will cure someone but they may help to get you in a more positive frame of mind.

Each book has a suggestion on how to use the book, a relaxation exercise and a short explanation of the meaning of each mandala and a number of visualisations. 

They are lovely gift books.
I feel Better                 I can Forgive                I feel Better with Astrology

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