Spirit Animals

Those who are following me know that I like to work in series.  And sometimes I add new work to a series I’ve created in the past. 

The last series I did was Buddha impressions and I added a few new works to this. You can check it out by clicking on ‘gallery’ in the menu bar. 

But I’ve now also started a new series called Spirit Animals. Sometimes it’s not even totally clear to me why I paint what I paint. I felt drawn to painting animals without really knowing why. It never occurred to me to draw animals, I never felt that need. So why now? The answer is now known to me. All I know is that I love creating these paintings and perhaps I need to create them for a subconscious reason. 

It started with a few elephant paintings. And I very much enjoyed the process. In the original works I also use silver and gold paint, which gives the paintings a mysterious feel.

But then I felt I would like to try and paint a bull. I live in Spain and one of the things I’m very much against is bull-fighting. I cannot see why torturing an animal can be culture and should be celebrated.  I personally don’t eat meat, as I am against all forms of animal cruelty, but that is another story. 

Never before did I try to paint animals, but I’m now very much enjoying the process so I trust I will add to this series. But for now I like to show you my Toro (bull in La Herradura). The landmark on the right of the painting is part of La Herradura, the village where I live.

All the images on this page can be printed on canvas on request. Just send me a note via the contact button in the menu bar. 


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