So what exactly is RenartsWorld

Who or what is RenartsWorld?

RenartsWorld is many different things but simply said it is my world… a world of Ren(ate’s) Art.

A short description would be an artist and writer with a passion for mandalas, but that doesn’t really cover it.

To get to know me as a person you could of course follow me on Facebook. No, you won’t see much of me, no posts of parties, toasting with a glass of wine, having fun with friends or digitally enhanced selfies. Only occasionally an image of me standing next to one of my paintings on a beautiful spot in the village of La Herradura where I live.

What you will see are things that I am passionate about. For example interesting or amazing art – not just mine 🙂 – music, dance and inspiring videos. I also share videos that give hope, such as eco-friendly solutions, good causes, etc. You will see a fair share of animal stories as I love animals. Amongst other things I share information about Valle Verde, a local animal rescue centre and about the Sea-festival, a La Herradura festival raising awareness, educating and creating solutions (such as beach clean ups) with regards to beach and sea pollution.

My love for animals also means that I would love to be an advocate of organic and vegan food and I’m also shocked about the dramatic impact of the enormous amount of meat and dairy consumption on our planet. Trying to be a vegan is not all that easy when you love cheese, like I do, but also when you are living in southern Spain, the province of Granada, where they always serve a tapa with a drink, mostly fish, meat or egg based. I suppose I should call myself 80% vegan, which is probably close to the truth.

I do love cooking and when I ran the La Herradura Cultural magazine one of the things I did was creating and sharing recipes (mostly vegetarian but some fish and meat dishes). Even if you are a fan of meat I challenge you to try some of the vegetarian recipes as from experience I know that even self-confessed carnivores totally enjoy many of these tapas and dishes. Little by little I will include the La Herradura cultural recipes and share new recipes in my FoodArtist blog. Feel free to check it out.

But RenartsWorld is more.

Inspiration never seems to stop and there are always new projects on the horizon. Very soon I will launch RenartsWorld Fashion. A big statement but this totally ties in with my passions and everything I believe in. RenartsWorld Fashion is a platform where I offer some of my artworks, all my mandalas and inspiring quotes on 100% organic t-shirts and tote bags (a great help towards ditching those polluting plastic bags) created in factories that use renewable energy and pay fair wages to the cotton farmers and factory workers in India where the t-shirts are produced. The t-shirts are printed in the UK, also using renewable energy.

A big part of RenartsWorld is gently raising awareness, when possible with a bit of humour and beautiful images, but also with words, through my blogs and by sharing inspirational and/or thought-provoking information, but also love to bring some colour into this world, both through my artwork and mandalas and by teaching art to those who would like to discover the painter in themselves (and I promise you I can bring out the painter in you) …

and soon through RenartsWorld Fashion.

When you follow someone on Facebook it is easy to miss uploads, but if you are interested in seeing more of my art, books or mandalas feel free to follow my Art Facebook page and/or my Mandala Facebook page where I share images of my art and mandalas and news about my other RenartsWorld adventures and projects.

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Get to know me!

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You will also see a link to my blog about a specific niche book I wrote and as a subscriber you will be able to download two chapters of this book for free. You will also get a link to one chapter of my book ‘Reflections from La Herradura’.

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