Short stories

Since 2003 Andalusia in Southern Spain has been my home and I happy to meet lots of fascinating and wonderfully weird people.They seem to cross my path, inspiring me. I like to write very short stories and so-called flash fiction – less than 1000 words – about the interesting people I meet and about the often comical situations I seem to end up in. But I also simply like to wright completely fictional stories.

Please feel free to get a peak into my life through my short stories and flash fiction. Some are fact, some are fiction but all written with a sense of humour and hopefully clearly portraying my positive view of the world. Some of my stories are very short, which is called ‘flash fiction’

Click on the links below to read some of my stories. 

Flash fiction (Eat as much as you like, My favourite Umbrella and The Dolphin)

Wet knickers

Hospital adventure I

Close friends

Christmas with a difference

A smokey adventure

Gnomes with an opinion

A food artist in Spain

I can’t paint

Kissing in Spain


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