Secret Thoughts

A collection of sensual, quirky short stories and flash fiction which often end with an unexpected twist.  The narrators in the stories vary from female, male, to inanimate objects. Some of the stories are slightly surreal, while others are fictional encounters that only exist in the mind.

Ten years ago a journalist friend challenged me. “You like to write don´t you?  Then write erotic fiction, because that sells”.

It wasn’t really my cup of tea initially and short stories were not something I would have previously contemplated, but I decided to give it a go. I sat down on my balcony and let my thoughts run freely. Within twenty minutes I had written my first ever short story and totally loved the process.

You can purchase Secret Thoughts here.

Secret Thoughts is now also available in Spanish under the name: ‘Pensamientos Secretos’ 

I like to compare my adult short stories to my paintings. Colourful, sensual and slightly poetic. I hope you like my unique book of adult stories. 

Below a selection of reactions of people who read Secret Thoughts when it was first uploaded to the site: Authonomy

Steve Ward “Wow, that’s what I call writing! You paint beautiful pictures with your narrative and you know how to climb into a man’s brain. How do you do it?”

T.L. Tyson “You do paint a scene well. Your writing is sensual. It is storn. The voice behind your stories is clear.”

“These are lovely, surreal vignettes, like little deaths’ of time. I read quite a few. Even in hugging a tree there is the sublime union.”

Freddie Omm  
“A beautiful gift in a traffic jam on the day she becomes 40, the “gift of life” into the napkin given him by the sensual waitress, this is gently erotic fiction, part of a larger concept incorporating renate’s art.  I can see this appealing to many, it is not pornographic, it has taste, and makes for a pleasant, enjoyable read.”

K.J. Kron  
“One thing that strikes me as I read a few of these is their anonymous feel. Their are lots of pronouns, but you don’t specifically mention the characters names. I guess part of the reason is that they could be anyone – possibly even the reader. There is a tact to this that you don’t find in other erotic fiction – although I’d call it something much tamer. There is a senuality to this. And a fantasy type of quality. I’d stop short of a celebration – their seems to be a longing here. At least from what I’ve read. You have gotten my attention and I found myself wanting to read more. Aptly titled.”

“Well crafted and deftly handled example of the genre. You achieve your intended result without crudeness or foul language, not an easy feat.”

“I really like your unique style and way of crafting the stories in this collection. The imagery is rich and colourful, as is your art.”

“These are strange, perplexing, intriguing adult stories. Almost prose poems really. I dipped around and read quite a few and enjoyed what I read very much. Some lovely lines, startling imagery and some surprises too.”

“You have quite a gift for metaphor and allegory. I didn’t catch on to the man being a tree until the end of the second story, I was so entranced in your narrative and use of language. Although the stories you write are short, your characterization is excellent. I look forward to reading more.”

“I only read two chapters so far and must say I’m smitten and craving to read more. I mean, who else wouldn’t settle for just being one of the sugar lumps diving into that foamy ocean… I like your creative way of handling the apparently trivial details that lead us to the core…”

Toni Waterman says: “When I read this book, I almost felt embarassed to be reading what felt like the innermost, intimate thoughts of the author and her wonderful characters! A very different, entertaining and fascinating read.”

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