Pensandoti (thinking of you) is a painting (acrylic) 50 x 70 cm on special art paper, created in the first half of 2015 for a solo exhibition later that year in the town of Almuñécar in southern Spain, as part of a series of flamenco paintings. Painted with oil paint, using brushes and pallet knives. Many of my flamenco dancers are not dancing, but sitting of standing…, contemplating. I like to give my dancers a sense of mystery. Pensandoti depicts a flamenco dancer standing by the Mediterranean Sea. I was invited for a group exhibition of flamenco dancers in 2015 in the village of La Herradura. I was inspired by the dancers I saw at a flamenco show in the village. La Herradura is in the province of Andalusia, which is the cradle for flamenco music and dance. I don’t use live models and paint from my imagination. I like the viewer to perceive an atmosphere, a sense of the location, the passion and colours of southern Spain, but I also invite people to watch my art with their intuïtion and when it speaks to them, then my story is not so relevant. The story in my art then becomes the story of the viewer.

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