Inner Peace angel


I tend to work in series and I feel a continuing need to paint angels. I paint intuitively so I just go with the flow of where my heart takes me. I love to bring some color into the world with my colorful angels. Inner Peace is painted with brushes and a pallet knife and there is some glitter incorporated into the artwork which you will see only when the lights fall on it from a certain angle, creating a mysterious feel. Although my latest angels tend to be more realistic (as far as angels can be realistic), I still like to work in my own style which is mixing directly on the canvas, not looking for perfection but showing the perfection within the imperfection. The picture of this angel painting was taken outside and shows you what it will look like in your space with the right lighting.

I don’t use live models and paint from my imagination. I like the viewer to perceive an atmosphere, a sense of the location, the passion and colours of southern Spain, where I live, but I also invite people to watch my art with their intu├»tion. If it speaks to them, then my story is not so relevant, the story in my art becomes the story of the viewer.


Inner Peace is one of my latest (August 2018) angel paintings. Oil painting painted on Canvas 60x80x3cm sides are also painted. Price includes shipment.

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