Personalised mandalas

Personalised Mandalas
Mandalas create a beautiful special energy in a home or an office space, or for example a doctor’s or dentist practice. They can have a really calming effect on people. Mandalas can also be a powerful reminder of a wonderful event, for example a wedding, a birth of a child, moving house, etc.

A personalised original mandala (possibly framed for an additional cost and in consultation about colour, style, etc.) is a mandala specifically made for a client, with their Initials and specific symbols, e.g. fish for prosperity, yin & yang symbol for balance, or the Ankh symbol for life. It is also possible to include the Chinese year symbol (for example the year someone purchases a house, a wedding, specific events…).

Images do not include objects like houses or other material objects or portraits as this would then be a painting. It is however possible to include a vague image of a ‘good-luck’ elephant, an angel, a Buddha. One can choose an overall colour, e.g. brown, red, black, etc. The original painting includes the copyright! This means that you can make as many copies of the painting as you like, for example gift cards for guests, thank you notes, etc. 

Price for an original mandala of 40x40cm on special paper (without frame) is 1250.00 Euros, this includes the copyright.

It is also possible to order a mandala on canvas with a 3cm side which will be painted as well (for an additional price). The mandala does not need a frame in this case. Prices depend on the size, maximum size 1 x 1 metre.

Interested, contact Renate for your personalised mandala. 

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