Never too old to surprise yourself

You can never be too old to surprise yourself

I’ve been conducting art classes off and on since I’ve been living in Spain (since 2003). Last year I decided to pick it up again for small groups in my studio in my house in the centre of La Herradura. I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy the process of inspiring people and helping them surprise themselves.

I am a firm believer that anyone can paint with the right guidance.

And wow, did I get some proof of this or what! At the beginning of April my 89 year old father, who is still in great shape, came to visit me for my birthday.

He, and his travel companion, decided to join me for a painting session. What surprised us both was his ease of creating a very good drawing of the example he was working from. Throughout the session I could sense his pride, and happiness of what he was capable of, growing. He was literally glowing!

He told me he never did any drawing or painting in his life. Now you could argue that I got my talent from him (although I’ve always thought that it came from my mother’s side which I explain in my blog ‘The Rembrandt connection’). Or perhaps you could say that I know how to get people to create a painting they are proud of. Now, I don’t particularly like to blow my own trumpet, however, experience has told me that I can inspire even the most ‘reluctant’ artist in spe.

During the art classes we work with acrylics, mainly because it’s an easy medium that dries fast enough to go over mistakes, if needed, and you can also create a water colour effect if you wish. Moreover,  you can create a relief, for example, with a pallet knive and/or in layers, like you can with oil paint.

I am happy to receive total beginners and teach them about colours, mixing, how to set up a painting and how to actually paint. But my classes are also great for the more experienced painters and I’m happy to share my tips and suggestions which can help them get to their next level. I think it is nice for people who already enjoy painting to find out about different styles, which will then help them to develop their personal style.

I offer a variety of possibilities and my latest offer is a unique day out in a typical Spanish avocado cortijo (farm) where people will create their ‘Masterpiece’ in one single day. Your inner beauty won’t be left out either, as you will enjoy an extensive tapas lunch. To stretch our legs we will go for a guided tour of the cortijo where you will learn about the cultivation of fruits on the Costa tropical.

You can check out the information in ‘An avocado farm, a tapas lunch and a masterpiece’ 

The art classes in my home can be just for a day, or people can opt for a 4-week painting course and you can either bring your own materials or they can be provided. You can find the information about the various options in ‘Painting classes’.

Do you fancy discovering the painter within you as well and perhaps totally surprise yourself?

Feel free to contact me via email: or by telephone: 0034 655211276

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