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MeMoment Angel Cards, a moment for yourself

Throughout my life I’ve felt an attraction to and an interest in so-called spirituality. In my late teens I started reading books by Erich Fromm and Carl Jung. These books just fascinated me. Then, when I had some issues with understanding what I wanted from life in my early twenties, I was recommended some books by Wayne Dyer.

Via the Oprah Winfrey show, this must have been in the late ninetees, I was introduced to ‘The Seat of the Soul’ by Gary Zukav. Looking back at this period I think it was the right period for me to deeply understand that I could look at life in a different way. I think from there my interest just grew and I have been inspired by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and Eckhart Tolle to name but a few.

I started practicing meditation and visualisation, but they weren’t daily habits. Most of the time life got in the way and I simply forgot. However, when I difficult crisis appeared in my life I started chanting, joining a group of Nichiren Buddhism. I very much liked the chanting with other people and it was extremely helpful at that stage in my life, however, although I feel inspired by Buddhist teachings, I wanted to explore more avenues to grow spiritually. In my MeMoment Angel card deck I share some of the tools that have been and still are very helpful.

Having been on this spiritual journey for many years, I wasn’t particularly interested in Angels. Nevertheless, about ten years ago, I participated in a one-day Angel workshop. I was rather sceptic, however, to my amazement, during one of the exercises, I really sensed that I had not one, but two Guardian Angels. Each one with a strong male energy. They were very distinctive as one of them held his wing around my shoulder, to protect me and the other Angel sat beneath a tree, smiling, laughing and emanating a really happy energy. It felt as if they both belonged to me. Nevertheless, I never used this knowledge and did not ask my angels for help during challenging moments.

I have been a professional artist for almost 35 years and I paint mostly intuitively. I like it when my brush takes me on a journey of images and colours. In 2016 angels started to appear in my paintings, so I created a series of angel paintings. I was then asked by someone to create a series of Ascended Master images. Although the images are created, this project is now put on hold and will be something I work on near the end of this year. However, I liked the idea of creating rather specific figures and I felt drawn to create my colourful, modern, somewhat quirky, Angel cards.

There are 33 cards in total, plus two cards with information. Each card has an Angel with a special, meaningful name. When people purchase a card deck they will receive a free eBook with more in-depth information about the cards and the names of the Angels. When I had to decide on a name I felt a strong resonation with the name MeMoment Angel cards. The MeMoments are suggestions to spend some time with yourself, to help you discover a different way of dealing with daily situations.

I believe that we are all searching for happiness, and that these cards can contribute to that. It’s all about finding happiness in ‘now-moments’.

The Angels on these Angel cards want you to take some time for yourself – creating a “me moment”. They also want you to reflect, and help create more happiness in your life.

The message on every single card might resonate with you on a specific day. You will subconsciously pick the right card for you, for that day. Each card contains a short message that intends to make you think about your situation and a MeMoment suggestion, which can help you change your perception, emotions, feelings, etc.

I very much hope these MeMoment Angel cards will nourish and inspire you, help you look at life in a different way, and unveil some of the layers that might block you from seeing your journey. And of course, bring a smile to your face.

Whether you believe in angels or not doesn’t really matter. If you don’t, then these cards will still guide and inspire you. If you do, then you will be able to sense the deeper meaning behind these vivid and sometimes quirky images.

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