Intention mandala workshop


Online Intention Mandala workshop

Get in touch with your creative intuition and create your very own, unique Intention mandala.

Enjoy a very relaxing way to spend some quality time with  (I offer this workshop on a 1-1 basis, or you can create your own little group). 

A mandala is a design in a circle and is a powerful tool to get in touch with your intuition in a creative way. Creating a mandala can be a very interesting process during which you will completely empty your mind.

In Europe colouring a mandala is often used in schools and even in hospitals as it has such a calming effect on people.

This intention mandala workshops goes a step further as you will create your own unique mandala. A very powerful reminder for the intention you set at the beginning of the workshop.

What will you learn?

You will learn about mandalas in general. You will learn how to set up a mandala (if you like without a compass. Then you will learn how you can create your own, very personal intention mandala. 

Personalised mandalas

You will also find out about colours, what they can do for your and, a bit of fun, you will find your personal colour. This might not be the colour that you expect!

This is a workshop that I offer on specific dates, but if you would like me to organise an online mandala workshop for a group (of friends), you can contact me and suggest a date that is suitable for you! See information below.

My intention mandala workshop for 1 person during a private 1-1 session is 99 US dollars. This mandala workshop is 3 hours long. If you can create a group of minimum 4 people then the price is 65 US dollar per person, but there is always the option to get in for the Early Bird price of  39 US dollar.  Minimum 6 attendies.

This is a very relaxing way to spend a morning or afternoon. The good thing about an online workshop if you opt for the group session,  is that you can still interact (the class is taking place via zoom) with the other participants –  no matter where they are in the world.

Before the workshop starts, after payment, you will receive information about how to set up your basic mandala, so that you can do this in advance. You will also get information about what materials to use. You can work with crayons, acrylic pens, or acrylic paint for example. Moreover, you will receive an invite to a Facebook group created especially for this workshop. This group will stay online for 4 weeks and you can share your finished mandala(s) in this group!

Where are you?

If you live in the US you can join a workshop that will take place from 6.30 PM to 8.30PM CET (please convert to your own time zone). 

If you live in Europe you can join a workshop that will take place from 10.00 tot 13.00 CET

Get your unique mandala printed on a 100% organic cotton tote bag!

There is also the possibility – for 65 dollar extra – to receive a tote bag of 100% organic cotton with your own personal mandala on it, after the workshop – you can order more than one. This will take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. 

To Book a mandala workshop for a specific group contact me for your prefered date and time

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