Chakra Women

Chakra and Mandala Women

‘Take your Angel wings and sail away to your horizon of health and happiness!’

I have created a series of paintings of women with a mandala, among which seven paintings related to the seven main chakras. Each painting is in the colour of one of the chakras and there is a mandala at the location of the relevant chakra. Each mandala women painting also has a specific meaning and two sailing boats which represent freedom in the form of angel wings.

Chakras represent the life force, or vital energy and correspond to some of the vital points in the physical body. The word Chakra comes from Sanskrit and means ‘wheel’or ‘turning’. In the western world people have become familiar with the term in yogic practices and alternative medicines and healing.
Chakras are part of our physical,  ‘spiritual’ bodies. There are seven main chakras, together with many smaller chakras in our bodies that some call meridians (commonly used by acupuncturists and other healing practices). The seven chakras are believed to affect specific areas of both our physical and emotional self and healthy chakras can impact positively on the general health of a body.

Check out the web shop for the still available originals. But you can now also purchase a mandala women on a postcard, a poster or a canvas print. If you would like a canvas print you can contact me via the contact form for more information. To purchase postcards or posters check out the web shop (see menu bar).

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