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Welcome to La Herradura. And welcome to La Herradura Cultural – part of RenartsWorld. I am an artist and writer living in La Herradura, which...

What’s on in Almuñécar

TO READ THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CULTURAL EVENTS IN Almuñécar in September  2019 Click on the picture for larger image

What’s on? events in La Herradura

We highly recommend to also check out our La Herradura y Almuñécar Cultural Facebook page. As here I will share films in English with Spanish...

The Book

‘Reflections from La Herradura’ tells the story of a magic village in southern Spain. It is a combination of guide book, history book and...

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I would like to share a story with you. It´s the real story of men and women who deserve all our respect for doing a hard job that only a few would be able to endure.
They are the first ones on the...

International Recipes


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