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Special art offer for La Herradura Cultural readers!

Art is of course all around us and especially in southern Spain you never have to go far to go and see a local art exhibition.

My name is Renate and I too am an artist (and a writer). I’m also the initiator of the La Herradura Cultural magazine and I do hope that you appreciate the weekly information you receive via our newsletter.

In our online magazine you can also find various articles about different artists in this region and of course you can read my story as well in Renate van Nijen artist. I’ve also written several books (in English) and you might have already come across my book Reflections from La Herradura

However, I have recently taken up blogging about art. These blogs are not just about me an my work but also a general observation. You can read an example here: When is Art real Art.

As of now I will include a link to my latest art blog in the La Herradura Cultural Newsletter so, if you like reading them, you won’t have to miss it.

Special offer

To celebrate this I’ve decided to give Readers of La Herradura Cultural a 10% discount on my art, and this week I like to present an artwork I created in La Herradura. It is called La Rosetta, referring to the guitar rosette. It depicts a flamenco dancer, a typical Spanish white-washed village and the guitar rosette. I painted this 90x90x3cm painting during a week-long live painting international art symposium in the village, a few years ago.

The original Rosetta painting  is still for sale, but you can also purchase a canvas print for a more affordable price. Do feel free to check out the Rosetta canvas prints on my Flamenco canvas prints page.

On the photo you can see me standing next to Rosetta in one of the La Herradura streets, in front of the workshop of luthier Stephen Hill.

To get your 10% discount please on Rosetta, the original or an art print, or any of my other art works or art prints for example Holland and Italy canvas prints contact me via the contact page  and state La Herradura Art discount.

Do feel free to check out my website RenartsWorld Art with lots of art, information and interesting articles.

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