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The bright side of owning a dog

Didi at airport

Perhaps you have had pets before, perhaps you already have a pet and perhaps you never had a pet and are not sure what it means to have one. In this article we like to share the bright side of woning a dog.

Doglovers who have experienced the company of a dog at home know how much you get back in love, laughter, fun and happiness and of course unconditional love. True, it is also a responsibility. Don’t have a dog if you cannot commit. It takes consistance, play time, walking time and cuddling time, and of course feeding and keeping them healthy, including paying for possible vet bills.

However, you also save a lot of money on not having to go to the gym. Dog walks are free and healthy as you get to breathe fresh air and calm your mind enjoying nature. Good for the body and the soul. And there is more. Studies suggest that people with pets live longer and that children who grow up with pets are emotionally intelligent and compassionate. So lets start at home to create a better world!

Guertain image3
hector goes to Norway

Also happy news! Do you remember Hector? We wrote about him before in La Herradura Cultural. He now  lives in Norway in his new forever home. Also Didi, another Valle Rescue dog is one of the lucky ones to have been adopted abroad.

But there are still many more dogs that are currently being cared for by Valle Verde Animal Rescue, they are all wonderful little souls and they are desperately seeking a loving home.  So if you would like to adopt a dog or cat for that matter… contact Valle Verde Animal Rescue organisation.

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