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Meet Adrian Iñesta

Often Facebook can consume a lot of your time and feel like a bit of a waste. It can be rather addictive. However, because of my choice of ‘likes’ I do get to see some pretty inspiring and interesting stuff, such as a film about La Herradura. I’ve seen several films about the village as it is a special place, but I felt instantly attracted to the way this one was put together and it’s choice of music. If you’ve missed it you can watch Adrian Iñesta’s video here. I was curious about Adrian and invited him over to find out more. Born and raised in La Herradura Adrian always has had a great interest in music and he especially loves the big icons in rock history such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison…. which is interesting considering that he is 25 years old. Although Adrian has always had this passion for music he doesn’t sing or play an instrument. He’s actually a professional cook, which comes in handy as during the summer months he works as a cook in Cadiz to pay for his studies.

His first choice of study was to become a music technician. He lived in Derby in the UK for a while and did a sound course for studio, concerts, film music, etc. He was able to get some practice working with his friend and associate Carlos Quesada Lao, who is better known as Nature Production, for a television programme called ‘talentos occultos’ (hidden talents). For this programme they interviewed and filmed artists, for example musicians. These interviews were shown on Granada television. Adrian fell in love with the media film and when he got himself a new camera he decided to shoot a documentary about street artists in London, which includes flash backs to Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and many others of an era long gone. Carlos and Adrian also regularly work together on assignments, such as video clips, events, short films … Carlos is working professionally as an editor and Adrian always uses him when he has created a new video as he really likes the way Carlos works. Adrian loves everything related to art and his dream is to become a serious film maker. He hopes to created more documentaries about street artists, for example a second part about street artists in London, but also in places such as Berlin and Cuba with its great history of street music. For the moment Adrian will continue his ‘cine y corto metraje’ (film and short three or four minute films) study in Madrid, which ends in June of this year. He is already working on and very much interested in creating these short films. During the summer months he will work as a cook again to pay for further courses in this field so that he can fulfil his dream: working in the audio visual sector and create films and videos that can inspire others.

For more information about this talented ‘Herradureño’ you can check out his Facebook page Adrian Iñesta video creator

For more information about Carlos Quesada Lao and Nature Production feel free to check out his Youtube channel.

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