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The health of the sea

IMG-20170923-WA0001The current health of the sea is precarious because of, undoubtedly, man’s fault. Instead of wanting to solve the problem that we‘ve created, it seems that on the beach of La Herradura people smoke more cigarettes than there are stones. Our seas and oceans are full of plastics, oil, detergent, pesticides … and a long etcetera of products that can become deadly for our marine fauna. Seeing this image, we are not surprised that the Mediterranean Sea is, according to various recent reports from environmental organisations, the most polluted sea in the world. Who hasn’t bathed near rubbish floating in the sea or lying on the beach? The solutions to this problem seem difficult, but we could certainly begin with a good educational and pedagogical approach.

We leave you with some tips to take care of one of our main sources of life:

Use fewer plastic products (considered one of the main threats)

Do not perform bad fishing practices

Don’t litter

You can also support organizations dedicated to this work, for example the Asociación Amigos del Mar Costa Tropical en La Herradura

Mari-Carmen Parra Gonzalez

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