Simple summer salmon treat



  • smoked salmon

  • large lettuce leaves

  • carrot

  • onion

  • cucumber

  • mayonaise

  • yoghurt

  • dille

  • salt

  • lemon

  • honey

  • capers (optional)


  • wash the lettuce leaves

  • grate the carrot

  • slice the onion

  • grate the cucumber

  • mix half mayonaise, half yoghurt with some salt, a drizzle of honey (the amounts depending on the size of your mixture. You don’t want the sauce to be sweet, just a vague touch of sweetness), a squeeze of lemon, dille and if you like capers you can add capers.

  • Take two lettuce leaves and fill with a portion of smoked salmon, some carrot, some cucumber, some sliced onions and top with the sauce.

Buen appetit

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