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A happy ending/new beginning

Miki close up_opt

I saw him on the Valle Verde Facebook site…. searching for his ‘ Forever family’. We had decided to get a new dog after the summer, which, here in Spain, means after September. However, time is relative and a photograph enough for me to persuade my husband to give Miki, previously Ying, a new home.

He first came for a few days to see if he would get on with Fani, our friendly Bullmastiff.  This was last Wednesday and we immediately fell in love. Fani was happy to welcome him and Miki wasn’t afraid of her impressive size.

Miki feeling at homeMiki was found wandering the streets with another doggy, probably his brother and left in the streets, perhaps because the owners thought a vacation was more important and paying for a pet hotel, not an option. We don’t know his past, but I’m quite sure he has never been abused as he is the friendliest little chap, loving small children and babies and everyone who is prepared to greet him with a pet or a cuddle.

According to the vet, he is about a year old. He is incredibly sweet and already has adapted to his new home. He walks on the lead perfectly, and only the first night was a bit difficult for him, but every night it got better and now, after a week, he is sleeping happily in his special space. Apart from a few little accidents, his house training is coming along great as well. Miki is now settled and happy and finally home!

broertje van Miki 2However, his ‘brother’ Yang, is still in the Valle Verde care in the Cantalobos facility so if you want a perfect doggy, why not contact Valle Verde to see if he could be your perfect pet.

There are of course many other dogs in all shapes and sizes ready to be adopted at Cantalobos so if you also want to save a Spanish dog from an uncertain future? You can do so via Valle Verde.

Miki is of course no longer available as he is now officially ours…. but surely there will be a loving dog that is perfect for you.

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