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Less than a cup of coffee

IMG_20170728_175948_optCan you afford to spare €1 a month?

Are you an animal lover? Then why not join ‘Friends of Valle Verde’ and receive their newsletter and/ or follow them on Facebook. Of course, you can also foster, volunteer or adopt. Valle Verde is always in need of help. Always, but even more so during the summer months when so many irresponsible pet owners just leave their dogs or cats in the streets just because they want to go on a holiday. There is imaginable suffering and organisations such as Valle Verde play such an important role to bring awareness on how to treat animals. And of course, they rescue as many dogs and cats as they can and look for foster homes and ultimately for a forever home. Despite their endless commitment, Cantalobos, the facility in La Herradura, run by Valle Verde, is now full with rescue animals, there is no more space. Of course, they keep finding homes but the influx of animals is just so intense in the summer. So if you can help out as a foster that would be amazing. Cantalobos is also a pet hotel and a very good one indeed, so if you are going on a holiday you know where to take your beloved pet.

But today I would like to paint a picture…. 1€ a month is less than the price of a coffee in Spain and I think most of us could easily spare such a tiny amount. So what if you, lots of your friends, family, and acquaintances all give 1€ a month. I bet nobody would really notice it as it will be taken from your bank account automatically (this can be done via PayPal, safe and simple). What if 500 people do this, or even better 1000 people? This would make such an enormous difference to Valle Verde as the sad truth is that they are always behind paying vet bills and food for the animals. Perhaps you already have animals and cannot foster, perhaps you don’t have time to volunteer, but if you consider yourself an animal lover, I can imagine that donating 1€ Euro a month, or more if you like, would not change your life one little bit, apart from making you feel better knowing that you have contributed to saving yet another animal. It only takes a couple of minutes.

For more information, you can check out this page.

Thank you in advance on behalf of Valle Verde Animal Rescue Organisation.

Article by Renate van Nijen… .yes I’m an animal lover and yes I have set up a monthly donation. I hope you join me.

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