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Loro Sexi Park is an interesting sight to visit when you are in Almuñécar. It is situated only 100 metres from the sea and just below the San Miguel Castle. This park houses an important collection of mainly birds, belonging to over 100 different species, from the common pigeon to the spectacular Peacock but also parrots, toucans, cockatoos, macaws, swans and ducks  but they also have a group of lemurs –  Lemurs are arboreal primates with a pointed snout and typically a long tail, found only in Madagascar. The park also has a beautiful cactus garden which will complete your visit.  With more than 3000 visitors a year the Loro Sexi Park is an important tourist attraction and something you do not want to miss.

meercats-in-sexiSo why not plan an afternoon to visit the Almuñécar garden and pay a visit to Parque Loro Sexi.

C/ Bikini s/n. Plaza Abderramán

From Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Monday)

From January up to and including December: 10.30 – 14:00 and from: 16:00 – 18:00

From April, up to and including September: 10.30 – 14:00 and from: 17:00 – 20:00

July and August: 10.30 – 14:00 and from: 18:00 – 21:00

14484997_10202307600327892_2445186910797062589_nThe ticket office closes 30 minutes before the closing hours of the park.

Overview of the animals in the park:


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