Meet Francid Ruiz,

francid-met-vioolFrancid is an Almuñécar born artist who is very active in the art scene. He is the founder and president of Artex and also the initiator of ‘Almuñécar ciudad de artistas’.

Francid has been exhibiting his artwork for many years and you will be able to get to know this artist and his work in person in various group and solo exhibitions throughout the year although times have changed according to Francid. “At the moment, because of the crisis, it is impossible to sell art work” he says, especially in the Almuñécar area.francid-2 This used to be different. When the economy was booming Francid always sold during local exhibitions which allowed him to travel to Madrid, Barcelona and other countries such as Holland, Italy, Austria… to exhibit his work. But making a living as an artist has become practically impossible. However, this does not mean that his enthusiasm for art has diminished. On the contrary. He always is full of ideas and the initiator of many interesting art events, projects and manifestations.

poemas-de-lunaArtex is an artist association, founded by Francid has grown into a group of around 80 artists. Some have become members and others are just joining as guests. They organize many events, amongst which art exhibitions and recitals, one of which is called ‘Poemas de Luna’ (moon poetry) and is well-known and appreciated.

‘Almuñécar ciudad de artistas’, which was launched in 2012 as part of a project of the Artex association, is one of Francid’s projects. The idea behind it was to attract a different type of tourism to Almuñécar. Tourists that don’t just visit the town for the sun and the beach but who want to know about art, history, the architectural richness of the town and about the cultural offer, such as music, art exhibitions, theatre, etc. There initially was enthusiasm and interest both from local businesses and the almunecar-diudad-de-artistasTown Hall but coordinating these different groups, often with different agendas, certainly has been and still is a challenge. However, you can follow ‘Almuñécar ciudad de artistas’ on Facebook.  Part of this project is a page on Facebook Francid created called ‘Almuñécar Gold Tropic. Trópico de oro’ with lots of interesting images of Almuñécar.

Francid explains “Times have changed and one of the changes is that we no longer distinguish between the different types of artists. Before there were painters who create paintings, writers who write books, actors who play in the theatre, poets who write poetry… but these days we refer to all these disciplines as artists”sculpture-francid

schilderij-francidFrancid is a painter and sculptor but also loves writing poetry without wanting to call himself a poet. He is an artist and a very versatile and talented one. He describes his work as ‘Paleo Abstracto’ where he combines influences of the old Masters with his abstract, emotion driven art. In his work Francid seeks to capture a sensation which he expresses in colours of the earth, of the stones and rocks, through a primitive part of his imagination. He uses his sense of ‘hearing’ to get to this inner stage. When he is a melancholic mood he will listen to music like Mozart’s requiem or in the style of Handel’s Messiah. If he is in an upbeat mood he likes to listen to more uplifting music such as Vivaldi which helps him to express these emotions in his artwork. Emotions that you can discover when you admire his works of art.

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