An eye for beauty, Leonardo Cervilla Rivero

groepsfoto-leonardoDid you notice? Did you actually take a good look at the images in our new Almuñécar web magazine? If you are anything like us you will love what you see. We, from Almuñécar Cultural are delighted with the collaboration of Leonardo Cervilla Rivero. This talented photographer with an eye for beauty, is sharing his images to be used with our articles on the Almuñécar cultural website. We hope you will enjoy his visual representation of the town he loves so much. His mother is from Argentina and his father from Almuñécar. When he was one year old they came to live in Almuñécar but when Leonardo was seven they moved back to Buenos Aires in Argentina again, but Leonardo always remembered Almuñécar and the wonderful years he had spent there as a young child.

13669699_10202030242794127_2605703098564874162_nWhen he was 21 he decided to return to Spain and settled in his beloved town. He worked many years in hostelry but since 5 years he has been working at a fuel station in Almuñécar. Leonardo loves his job as he likes to be in contact with the public, but he also loves the fact that he can have weekends off and go on a holiday during the holiday seasons, such as Easter Week, which is impossible when you work in a hotel or a cafe. Easter Week is special to him as he has such fond memories from it as a child, but also because members of his paternal family are involved in the organisation. For Leonardo it is a week of capturing those moments of magic and passion with his camera. That camera that takes those beautiful images. 14257516_10202170336296377_3464656632585447643_oPhotography has become very important to him. He already had this interest in photography from a young age in Argentina but back then he did not have the financial means to buy a good camera. He was able to enjoy nature though and used to go fishing a lot. When he came back to Spain he went fishing as well, but something had changed. He suddenly could not see the point anymore of killing a living creature just for the pleasure of being in nature. He bought himself a camera and started taking pictures. Leonardo is self-taught from magazines and information found online and has now developed his own style, although he does say that you never stop learning in photography… and he is eager to learn. These days he has a good quality camera which allows him to take the shots that he, and many with him, like so much. It isn’t just a matter of taking a snapshot of a moment. Leonardo usually carefully plans his photography outings. He is always keeping a close look at the sky, is very much aware of the weather and even has an app on his mobile phone telling him about the situation of the stars and where the moon is going to appear.

14316937_10202220744636554_2307957404220161739_nHe loves the moon and taking nocturnal pictures, something you can tell from his work. However, sunrises and sunsets and the so-called ‘hora azul’, which is just after sunset when the sky can reveal an amazing spectacle of colours, are also amongst his favourite hours to go out to take a picture. During the day the sun is too strong. He especially loves taking images of nature and preferably without people in it, but animals and macro photography is something that attracts him more and more as well. He tells a magical, almost surreal and dreamy story with his images. But he also loves taking pictures during the local festivals, capturing the atmosphere and the passion of the people. Leonardo admits that he is kind of obsessed with photography. Every time he has a moment to spare he tries to plan his next trip to catch that perfect moment. One day he would love to be able to make a living from his passion, but in the meantime he is happy for you, for us, to enjoy his storytelling Almuñécar images.

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