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A healthy Life


Love has no age, but fun and physical activity, neither. Many ailments can in fact be avoided. Symptoms may appear as a result of inactivity, which can lead to physical problems, or even depression.

These are some of the reasons why Maria Novo bathes every summer day in the sea of La Herradura at the age of almost 86 years and as she says, “You do not have to be twenty to have fun and enjoy life”

Her secret to staying young is to maintain a positive attitude. She believes that bathing in the sea brings both internal and external benefits; it can improve skin problems, arthrosis, arthritis and even anxiety.

Unlike tap water, the sea contains zinc, iodine and potassium, which will help the skin to stay firm. Walking every day can also promote our cardiovascular health and improve memory. A nice walk is in fact a great option to relax. Doing her daily activities, such as shopping and avoiding sitting for too long and making sure she does her socializing are all ways to keep Mary fit. She also feels that eating healthy is very important, although she says “you have to eat everything, however, if we avoid fried food or sweets, that is much better. For example, if you like chicken, just eat it grilled or boiled instead of fried and of course do not smoke, as the consequences can be fatal and are considered one of the leading causes of death in the world”

Let’s follow her advice as she is a wonderful example of how to live a healthy life!

Mari-Carmen Parra Gonzalez

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