Chicken with bacon



  • Chicken breasts cut in thin slices so you can fill them and roll them up

  • bacon

  • cream cheese (amount depends on the amount of chicken breasts. You need about 1.5 teaspoon for each fillet. You don’t want to put too much in as it will run out when in the oven.

  • garlic/parsley mixture

  • IMG_20170606_125735pepper, salt (just a sprinkle)

  • chives about 1 chopped tablespoon

  • parmazan cheese about two tablespoons


Mix the cream cheese with the garlic/parsley mixture, pepper, salt chives and a little bit of parmazan or padano cheese and roll up.

IMG_20170606_130407Fill each fillet with approx. 1.5 teaspoon of the mixture, then wrap two slices of bacon around the rolled up chicken fillets.

Put in a pre-heated oven of 200 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

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