Dutch pork chop with cooked chicory and rocket salad.

IMG_20170418_142609Ingredients pork chops:

pork chops

olive oil


salt, pepper, curry powder, papr ka powder, nutmeg

litle bit of water


IMG_20170418_135206Put some olive oil and some butter in a frying pan

Season the porkchops with a sprinkle of salt, curry powder, paprika powder, pepper and nutmeg

Add the seasoned chups to the butter and olive oil and brown on both sides.

IMG_20170418_140350Then put a lit on the frying pan and leave on a low heat for about 30 minutes adding a few tablespoons of water every now and then.

Chicory preparation:

Wash the chicory and cut in approx. 4 cm chunks or leave hole.

Put in water with some salt

Cook till it turns tender (the colour will be slightly grey but don’t let that put you off)

When cooked drain the water and sprinkle some nutmeg over the vegetable.

IMG_20170418_140507Rocket salad preparation:

Put the rocket salad in a bowl and add some pieces shaved parmezano or padano cheese and sprinkle with some fresh lemon juice and then a good splash of olive oil.

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