Angel Galdo Guest writers

A fisherman’s village

Angel GaldoLa Herradura has been a fisherman’s village for many, many years, but not just that, It was at the same time an agricultural village and there where even people who were both fisherman and farming the fields at the same time. La Herradura and surroundings also cultivated cane sugar and also was famous for its good quality of tomatoes. It is also possible that the first chirimoyos on the Costa Tropical were cultivated in La Herradura. We also know that there were more than 500 ‘cortijos’ (farms) in the higher part of the Rio Jate and most probably more people were living there than in the village. Our guest writer Angel Galdo has published an article about “arte de jábega” (an old fishing boat) in a website of the Granada University and for those who understand Spanish this is a very interesting read.

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The Village