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Happy adoption stories

There is a lot of animal suffering through animal cruelty in the world but thanks to the incredible help of many volunteers and organisations like Valle Verde we can also show you some of the happy stories. Nothing is more grateful to those wonderful volunteers than a happy ending.

cat Valle VerdeGD – I adopted Neo via VVAR in September. It was love at first sight when I saw while in foster care with Deborah. The big bat ears, bandy legs, lack of a tail and beautiful eyes just did it for me
He came to me as a very small but cute bundle of mischeif and trouble and he still is a bundle of trouble…. just a lot bigger!
Neo drives me crazy all day long but the world would be a duller place without him. VV Rocks


A New Beginning ? ……. This is the story of Bo (one of 3 puppies born in a derelict goat shed). Such a handsome boy with an unusual coat and one green eye, one blue! He was already 9 weeks old so very hesitant to trust so it took a lot of time before his ‘gotcha day’. He was fed twice a day on our rescuers way to have walkies with their own dogs. He gradually became more inquisitive and started to follow and eventually join in with walkies, but he still wouldn’t come near enough. In the end he knew their call and would come running down the road to greet his rescue family. Gradually the trust had grown. One lucky day they knew the time was right for him to come into foster care with Valle Verde Animal dog 2Rescue (VVAR) and they swept him up, worm, flea and tick ridden, he barely had a section of ear that wasn’t covered, poor little soul. A good bath, treatment and lots of cuddles were in order! After a couple of upset nights he realised, Hey this isn’t half bad… Cuddles, good food, toys to chew, new playmates and kind people, he kind of liked it so after some more treatment, microchip, injections and passport he began with his training, he wanted to be a good boy for any potential new family. he learned his name, he was toilet trained and walking on or off lead, he was ready…. He was advertised by VVAR for adoption. Of course such a handsome guy like Bo was snapped up immediately. Bo now named Bodhi lives with a wonderful family in Holland, where he is absolutely thriving and what a handsome boy he has become!

If you would like to help by adopting or fostering a poor soul in need please contact us by visiting our website

Being a volunteer gives you back so much so if you can help out in any way, for example through copy writing, helping out in the shelter or at the events, etc. For more information you can contact Valle Verde on their website.

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