Spanish style salad


IMG_20170221_141609 (1)Now for our Spanish readers this most certainly is a known recipe, but please check out our other recipes if you fancy something different. For those who’ve never tasted this…. Do yourself a favour and try it.


  • avocado

  • red or white onion

  • capers

  • tinned tunafish

  • tomatoes

  • olives (The photo shoes the recipe without olives, but olives do work really well in this dish)

  • olive oil

  • vinegar ( I used apple-cider vinegar)

  • salt


Cut the avocado into slices, the tomatoes into chuncks, the onion into thin slices, put in a bowl and sprinkle with some salt.

Add the tunafish from the tin and the capers (amounts depend on how many people you are serving) and sprinkle with some vinegar and a good splash of olive oil. Add olives to taste.

Buon appetit.

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