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The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog / part 2

image1Let’s face it, as we age we all slow down a bit. You can expect an older dog to be the same, less full of energy and boisterous than their younger counterparts, and in most cases, their requirement for exercise will be far less. This attribute alone makes the older dog a great fit for many family situations and an ideal match for working owners or the aging adult.

What better excuse to fire up the muscles and get outside than to walk the dog. A dog’s need to regularly relieve themself and sniff their way around the neighbourhood is a great way to get the elderly outdoors, moving joints and muscles, and enabling them to see the beauty around them. Part of the magic of owning a dog is that they create an invitation to talk. Walking a dog is a great way to meet neighbours and build community. The wag of a tail has done more to break down social barriers and build friendships than anything we know. Those of us who have been lucky enough to hold a warm dog in our arms, or share the couch or a bed with one, know the benefits of simply listening to the sound his breath. The sound of a dog breathing has a calming effect (this perhaps isn’t always true if you inherit a snorer!!). Studies show the health benefits of having a pet. Among those benefits is a distinct lowering of blood pressure and anxiety. So, are you sold yet?

Where to Find Your Senior Dog
There are many animal shelters and rescues across the country that have senior dogs needing homes, Valle Verde Animal Rescue in La Herradura is one of them. We have some long term residents who should really not be living out their days in a shelter simply because they are not a puppy anymore. We are happy to arrange visits to our shelter where you will get to meet the dogs available and discuss the type of dog you might like to own. We’ll ask you a few questions and require a home check, but you can bet we’ll know exactly who is the right dog for you, so please do get in contact and give a new lease of life to a senior.

If you’re not quite ready to adopt your senior, consider becoming a foster parent, a dog walker, or providing some other service or donation that will help ease the suffering of an old dog and provide them with a shot at a new beginning and the happy ending they deserve. You’ll still be bringing joy to their lives
If you think you can help or for more information please see our website:

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