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The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog / part 1

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The Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog

There are so many senior dogs in desperate need of adoption. It is so saddening that despite the wonderful attributes of older dogs and all the best efforts of most shelters, these dogs are frequently overlooked in favor of puppies and younger animals. They may not be as cute you would have liked, but all dogs grow up eventually. With a puppy you’ll end up with a similar family member, only you’ll have had to clean up an enormous amount of accidents and be on point to deliver training if you would like your companion to behave well in later life. You’ve probably also been devastated when they have chewed your favourite pair of shoes! Quite often an older dog is so much easier and more suited to your particular circumstances, yet time and time again they are overlooked.

HectorWith an older dog, what you see is what you get. There are no surprises. Their physical size is established, so there are no mysteries about whether they’ll grow too big, and by and large, their temperament and personality are also fully developed. In other words, they’ve become what and who they are going to be. Of course, you can expect that your dog’s confidence will blossom as they adjust to their new surroundings and they will be reassured knowing that you are there for them. Beyond that, however, their demeanor will be evident in a first meeting, allowing you to fairly size up how they will fit into both your lifestyle and the family dynamic. You can also ask their current carers about their temperament and things they may like and dislike.

An older dog has typically had some basic obedience training and is already familiar with the essential commands that will make life enjoyable for both of you (Come. Sit. Stay.). Equally important, he is more than likely also housetrained, unlike his puppy counterpart. If your household includes very young children, you will welcome the fact that you will not have to endure housetraining and potty training all at the same time. However, if training is ‘your thing’ don’t be fooled into thinking that an old dog can’t learn new tricks! They most certainly can, in fact they’ll be very eager to please and enjoy the mental stimulation, not to mention any yummy treats that this may involve!

Where to Find Your Senior Dog

There are many animal shelters and rescues across the country that have senior dogs needing homes, Valle Verde Animal Rescue in La Herradura is one of them. You can always contact them to find out more and check out our dogs for adoption section where you can meet Hector, a wonderful senior dog!

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