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CERTAMEN DE EMBELLECIMIENTO LA HERRADURA 2017During the month of March a very interesting competition is taking place in La Herradura. Neighbourhoods are asked to make their streets and facades more beautiful in order to promote tourism and a nicer living environment for the entire La Herradura community.

Residents of La Herradura will be encouraged to take care of the beautification of the village in an aesthetic way, such as the decoration of balconies, railings, facides… combining traditional characteristics of Andalusian villages with the use of different flower varieties, pots and plants that are in harmony with its environment.

All neighbours are asked to be involved in both the conservation of traditional architectural elements, such as doors, windows, gates, etc. In order to achieve an improvement of the municipality as regards to its image, thus attracting more tourism.

This competition will be held during the entire month of March and is open to all residents of La Herradura individually. Their will be a jury which will assess the facades and public buildings from the 16th to the 19th of March, coinciding with the festivities the village celebrates in Honour of their saint ‘San Jose’.

LA HERRAURA CALLE CANALEJAS 17Participants will receive a type of badge from the ayuntamiento which must be displayed clearly visible. In order to qualify for the ornamentation you will have to take beautification in a natural, artisan and traditional way into account, valuing ornamental presence of pots, plants, etc. It is of course important that the keeping clean, the care of, the use of the right colours and respecting the popular architecture are important and that everything must be in harmony with its surroundings.

During the selection period contestants will allow photographs or other media are taken. The registration period will start on the 28th of February at the Tenencia de Alcaldía in the Civic Centre in La Herradura from Monday to Friday. You may also apply by email contacting:

Registration shall state the following information: “exact location of the façade, street or corner presented to the contest, with all the information necessary for its perfect location, ID of the owner, holder or representative, a phone number and an e-mail address, if any.

Several awards are made available consiting of a weekend for two in an Andalusian holiday destination, second prize is lunch or dinner at a restaurant in La Herradura worth 100 Euros and the third prize consists of a meal or dinner a restaurant in La Herradura worth 60 euros.

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