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your local animal rescue organisation with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned and abused animals in Southern Spain

It is easy to say that whilst we care passionately about the welfare of animals, working in animal rescue can be somewhat draining at times! Seeing the poor souls in absolute despair, abandoned, sick, frightened, quite often injured or beaten and starving is absolutely heartbreaking. So Why do we do it? are we mad? quite possibly the answer is yes! but here is a brief glimpse into what makes us tick……

Nursing them back to full health – We may have operated on them or treated wounds, they may be close to death or have an illness. To see them back in full health makes us smile from ear to ear

Begin to Trust – Most of our rescues are quite understandably frightened to death when they first arrive. They may have lost all faith in humans through abuse or neglect, so it is wonderful to see them turn a corner and begin to trust, such a special cherished moment

VAlle Verde reclame fotoPlay time – Quite often an owner may have thrown their pet out of a car, left them in the trash or on a motorway or they simply may have passed away with the dog in their presence. This leads to a terrible depression in most pets as they don’t understand what has happened. We always encourage playtime to help see that it’s ok to let go of their stress, relax and heal, so to see them start to play again is just wonderful

Walkies – Sometimes our dogs have spent their lives on a chain and never been for a walk with their owner. We teach them to walk on a lead and show them how fun it can be to go for walkies. When you see them get excited as they see their lead and you breeze on down the mountain valley together, it’s a great moment to bond and you know your job is done

  • Being a Dog/Cat– This may sound a little strange, but some of our rescues have been so badly treated that they don’t actually know how to be a dog or cat! They have no social skills and have no idea how to interact with other pets or humans. Quite often they will have one to one care with one of our brilliant foster carers, who will teach them social etiquette. Cats will generally be introduced to other cats for companionship and for dogs we may hand over to a carefully chosen resident dog who will become their trusted friend and teach them the remaining doggy ropes.

  • The best thing of all– After all of the nurturing and tears we may have shed for a little life, there is nothing greater than seeing them thrive in a wonderful new home. Becoming part of a family and living a wonderful life is the happy ending we wish for all of our rescues. This above all else is why when we could turn a blind eye, we don’t, we carry on knowing we can change lives for the better

It’s so lovely to see how our rescues progress, and so we ask our adopters to share updates and photos so that their rescuers and carers can see how well they are doing. Its such a crucial part our work as it keeps us going. We honestly never forget about any of them and are absolutely delighted to see them and hear their stories.

Here is a story from one of our rescues who has been lucky enough to have the chance of a New Beginning……..

AlanaValle Verde abandoned dog

Alana was 9 years old, when this poor girl was cruelly left on a rubbish dump. She had several cancerous lumps all over her body and looked to have recently given birth, although no sign of the pups and she has no milk…so we think they were taken away or still born. She was starving and painfully thin. Someone had brutally filed her teeth down and her face was badly scarred. She was immediately taken to the vets for medical treatment and an operation and she spent some time there recovering

Abandened dog happyAlana was quite simply one of the most beautiful and charming dogs that most of the team had ever met. Even the vet was astounded by her gentle and loving nature, despite her terrible experiences in life. I am pleased to say that Alana was taken in by one of our wonderful foster carers where it was very clear she had never had the luxury of a home before. Our girl did so well and embraced her new life that it wasn’t long before she found her ‘furever’ home

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