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Valle Verde Animal Rescue / Pet Hotel, Residencia Cantalobos

Cantalobo buitenverblijfWe would like to present to you the animal charity organisation Valle Verde Animal Rescue, an organisation which devotes its time to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and abused animals in Southern Spain, but also to raising funds and awareness. In order to cover their costs they also run the Pet Hotel, Residencia Cantalobos. We of La Herradura and Almuñécar Cultural support their fantastic work and will publish regular updates from Valle Verde.

Your local Pet Hotel, Residencia Cantalobos is located in the heart of a beautiful rural valley in La Herradura, with far reaching views and total tranquillity. Surrounded by the Mediterranean hillside, your pet will be cared for in a completely natural environment.

image1 doggy cantolobo 1Our purpose built residential pet facility and highly trained staff ensure that whilst you are away, your pet is comfortable and treated with all the care and love it deserves. What’s more, all income received from the pet hotel goes towards the care of injured and abandoned animals, so you’ll be helping to save lives at the same time

Residencia Cantalobos has been created by people who above all else live and work for the welfare and wellbeing of animals. We know from many years of experience the level of care and attention your pet will require and we are here to ensure that it will receive everything it needs for a safe and happy stay.

doggy in Cantolobo hotelOur fully equipped Kennels and Catteries ensure that every visitor will be as comfortable and settled as possible. Each space has access to natural light and fresh air and the interiors have been designed for fast and efficient deep cleaning and disinfecting. All beds, feeding bowls and food are of the highest standard, however you are welcome to provide your own if preferred. The entire residential roof area has been covered with a high quality Italian thermal insulation, which maintains optimum temperatures throughout the year. We also have cool shades and doggy paddling pools for the summer months!


Every day, your dog will be walked and later spend some time in our specially designed gardens, where it will be able to run and feel free in a safe environment. We also have playtime, brushing and cuddle times, helping to make your poochie feel happy. We can even arrange a full pamper session in our pet salon. It’s their holiday too after all!


The cat pens have scratching pads and other fun accessories to enrich the environment and ensure your cat has plenty of fun things to keep them occupied! The interiors have warm and comfortable sleeping areas for your cat to enjoy a peaceful and stress-free snooze. Every day we spend cuddle and play time with your cat to make sure they feel loved and cared for.


Want to know what pet owners think about our services………

SH -Fantastic facility for both owners and pets. Clean, well run and plenty of room for pets to stretch their legs during the day and yet secure at night 5*

GE – Perfect place to stay for your beloved pet, trusted and recommended!

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