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Peppa Pig

peppa-logoPeppa Pig and La Herradura,

Just in case you don’t have any small children in your family or immediate surroundings, ‘Peppa Pig’ is a British preschool animated series following the adventures of ‘Peppa Pig’ along with her parents, her little brother George and her friends. Each of the friends is a different type of animal. They are humanlike but the characters still have the characteristics of their species, such as the Rabbit family and their fixation with carrots. Peppa’s adventures are fun, sometimes they can involve a few tears, but they always end happily. The series shows the everyday activities such as going swimming, visiting family, riding bikes and the characters live in a house, wear clothes, but still have some of the characteristics of the animal on which they are based. For example Peppa Pig and her family snort like pigs when they talk.

Receiving the BAFTA Children’s Award

The series was thought up and created by Mark Baker, Neville Astley and Phil Davies. These three creatives set up Astley Baker Davies Ltd in 2002 to make Peppa Pig.  Although the animation series was first aired in 2004 it really started taking off around 2008 and has since found a very enthusiastic audience throughout the world, also in La Herradura, as I happen to know from little Alba who lives upstairs from me.

Phil Davies

But there is another connection. Phil Davies, the producer of this well-known animated series has also found La Herradura. He and his wife were looking for a place in the sun, not more than three hours flying from London, where they are based. They dreamed about a place with still a lot of authenticity so they sat down behind their computer and with Google earth as their guide they went on a virtual adventure. It could have been France, Italy or anywhere in Spain but they specifically wanted to live in an area of natural beauty with nature parks on the doorstep but also unspoiled. They ended up in La Herradura.

Two years ago they came for their first visit. They booked a room in Pension La Herradura where they were welcomed by Delia and her family and fell in love with the village. Their first impression was that it truly felt like being in Spain with the many hours of sun, but also its pleasant atmosphere and the feel you get that the people walking in the streets seem pretty content and friendly, such a difference from walking in Oxford Street in London.

The next step wasn’t difficult to take, they bought their home in the sun and are now staying for large parts of the year in La Herradura, the perfect place with an easy commute to London. Phil regularly has to go back to work on the next 52 episodes of Peppa Pig, which is aired in 180 countries no less, and a favourite of the little ones, also in La Herradura!

Would you like to know more about Phil Davies then watch this space as we will publish more articles about his inspirational life story.

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