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Meet Charly Endres

charly-1Charly Endres is a German born jazz musician who is spending a great part of the year in La Herradura. Music first caught his attention when he heard Dixie music on the radio. From then on music has been a prominent factor in his life. Starting playing the clarinet at the age of ten he also learned to play the flute and when he was 14 years old he joined a school band. By the time he was 20 he had become a member of a student band, which even paid for his studies. He studied music, sports and pedagogy and became a teacher at a high school, however, music has always coloured his life in a very colourful way and he cannot imagine his life without it. Being a clarinet player the next logical step was playing the saxophone. During his music study he had to learn classical music which is why he also plays the German flute, but his greatest passion is jazz music. He is musically very much influenced by John Coltrane and after seeing him at a live concert Charly started playing Bebop Jazz.

charly-aan-het-spelenHe was part of a jazz quartet called Cremer-Endres-Quartet. They played at many festivals. Nowadays Charly goes back and forth from Spain to Belgium, where he and his wife Ingrid have been living for many years, and also to Germany to look after an elderly aunt. He is still playing regularly in various bands. In Belgium he plays with the Didier Marechal Band and in Germany with Aquis Combo Aachen. They do gigs in Belgium, Holland and Germany, however, Charly has now also made musical roots in Spain, to be precise, in La Herradura.

220d7b66-cf88-43ce-8bfd-8db33f47a530Over ten years ago he and Ingrid embarked on a motor cycling trip through Andalusia. They came down from Granada to the coast and landed in Almuñécar. They very much liked the atmosphere but continued their trip and ended up in Otivar in the Alpujarras region where they bought a little house. One day they decided to visit the Almuñécar area again and stumbled on La Herradura. This was about six years ago.

Timbalito Street and Charlie Endres

It was the day Charly met Lino Díaz, a talented Cuban pianist and composer who lives in La Herradura. They became friends and Lino introduced Charly to the local music scene. Since then Charly regularly joins in with Lino and his wife Lupe, who is a singer, during their performances as Timbalito Street. Charly loves La Herradura and has even written a song in honour of the region, ‘La Chirimoya’ which you can watch on Youtube. If you want to hear Charly play his saxophone and enjoy the wonderful music of Lupe and Lino just follow the signs for Timbalito Street or check out their website, as whenever Charly is in Spain, there is a good chance you will find him playing with this musical couple.

You can read more about Charly in the book Reflections from La Herradura.

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