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Art adventure!

red sunset IreneLa Herradura is a quiet charming Spanish village by the sea. That is how we got to know the place at first. But it has so much more to offer besides beach life and restaurants and beautiful surroundings. Spending time there we soon got aware of that the village has a lot to offer in terms of culture, music and art.

One day I read an advertisement for a painting course on Facebook and it was going to be held very near to our Spanish home. We, being 3 Norwegian couples, were interested in having an ‘art experience’.  It was a totally new challenge, something we had never done before, but really wanted to try. wench-epainting-class-1-copia However, some of the men were rather reluctant join in and had to be promised great awards if they would come along.  We entered Renate’s house early in the morning. Full of expectation and disbelief, would we really be able to paint a picture in a one day painting workshop?

foto-huisRenate’s house is a beautiful Spanish home full of art and inspiration, such as the inspiring stunning pictures on the wall and ceramic art wherever we looked.   The course took place in Renate’s studio with a glimpse to a green patio garden with lots of flowers.  None of us felt we had any painting skills but we were eager to try something totally different!

Once I was set up with my easel and a piece of paper I felt terrified, but Renate was very encouraging and wenche-in-de-klasobviously believed in the “artist” within me. We were using one of Renate’s Flamenco paintings as an example and suddenly we were all intensely concentrated working on our initial sketch. To draw and paint in fact has a great therapeutic effect. There is no room for other thoughts about work or whatever worries you might have. You simply have to concentrate on the next step, the next line, what color to use, how to blend the right color, size, angels and proportions.

The hours just flew by.  At the beginning we talked and laughed nervously, but there soon was total silence in the studio and we were all in deep concentration as we were guided along by Renate through different techniques.  It was very satisfying to see the flamenco lady emerge on our canvases.

wenche-painting-class-3-copiaWhen you are 100% concentrated and enjoying every moment you don’t even think about food, but at 14.00 Renate invited us to the lunch table. She had prepared a generous number of delicious homemade vegetarian tapas, served with water, wine and beer. She is an excellent cook too!

wenche-painting-class-2-copiaWe were all winners that day… even more so the guys, who were extremely skeptical in the beginning. Their paintings were actually freer in the interpretation of the object and choice of colors.  We produced ready to frame pictures which we are all very proud of. Mine is on the bedroom wall next to my bed in La Herradura, and I smile every time I see it. We will do this again!

Would you like to have the same experience. Check out how you can get in touch with Renate via or by telephone 0034-655211276

Information about the painting classes here.

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