Tuna-fish fritters


160 grams of tinned tuna in olive oil

50 grams of grated ‘Padano’ cheese or any other fairly old cheese

1 small onion

Bread crumbs

1 egg

Salt, pepper to taste

Olive oil



Cut the onion into small pieces and put in a bowl

Add the grated the Padano cheese

Drain the tuna-fish and add to the mixture

Add the egg, the salt and the pepper and then the breadcrumbs

tunafish-mixMake sure you have a mixture that is still wet but firm enough to create little fritter shaped, or balls if you prefer.

Fry in some olive oil till golden brown. You can deep-fry in sunflower oil as well if you prefer.

Serve as a tapa or with a meal with a salad for example.





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