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‘Next time, next time’

wenche-bench-close-to-statue‘Next time, next time’… says my husband … we are on the plane heading home after a few fantastic weeks in beautiful La Herradura, already planning activities for our next trip. Our skin is still warm from the sun, we feel relaxed and happy and are so grateful for the time spent with friends and family.

In Norway we live out in the countryside, so different from the La Herradura surroundings. Big open fields and farms nearby, and if we want to get a glimpse of the sea we need to jump in our car and drive for hours. We are both occupied with work and daily life just consumes us.

When we are at home, all we can think of is our quiet, warm and embracing little village in Spain and all its opportunities.  A lot of the time in between our stays we dream of what we can do and explore the next time we go. There are so many interesting and historical places to visit, close to our La Herradura. If you love golfing there are many golf courses to visit, you can, for example play with the  mighty Sierra Nevada overlooking the golf course or you can go to a golf course that is situated very close to the beach at Los Moriscos, and if you like on the very same day! We dream of hiking in the mountains, exploring the coastline all the way down to Gibraltar. We have already been to Ronda several times and a visit to Cordoba and Sevilla is high on the list. We were highly recommended to pay a visit to Malaga, a city with incredible architecture– we want to see a football game in Rosaleda stadium, we must go back to visit the Alhambra and the old town of Granada… the list is endless.

wenche-calle-entrada-puebloWhen we finally arrive in La Herradura again, we will have been counting the days and hours remaining to our next visit starting on the very day we left. We even have a countdown app on our mobile phone to remind us. As if we would forget J!  Driving down to the seafront we can smell the sea and when we enter Paseo Andres Segovia we are overwhelmed by the light, the color of the sea and the beautiful beach!

Once installed in our house, we immediately feel the everyday stress and tension fade away. The familiar sounds of the village puts us in Spanish mode.  We unpack and buy some groceries in the local store before we walk down to the beach. The village has been extensively upgraded over the past years and the small streets in the village are stunning with new mosaics. A lot of the houses have been painted and many have decorated their entrances with potted plants. We always have our first meal at Las Maravillas and are greeted with familiar hospitality every time. This is also the place to go and see Grupo Pablo Escudero, a flamenco group who plays there every week and that we love.

The first few days are spent unwinding and meeting up with friends and family. La Herradura can offer many different and exciting cultural activities, and now we can even plan our stay by studying the new cultural website before we arrive! Every time we are in Spain we discover new places and as time goes by we find ourselves captured by the friendly Spanish atmosphere. What we tend to forget is the siesta J, when shops are closed and many Spanish have an afternoon nap, so we are forced to slow down and there is no need to run around. We are so lucky – and if we miss something, we can always add it to the list for our next visit.

As my husband says to me on the plane heading back for Norway, ´next time… next time´ … as we are very happy for the time spent, but excited about what’s to come in the future!

Wenche Gulliksen

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