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Costa Women, a point of connection

Costa Women, a point of connection

sorelleIt is no secret that the Costas in Spain attract a lot of people to actually start a new life. Whether that is a new path, a new adventure or just to retire, we all have one thing in common. We love Spain. In every region, especially on the Costas there are expat groups where people get together to socialize and share their experiences. When you are new to Spain this can be a good idea.

One of those groups is Costa Women, the only difference is that Costa Women is an online community, founded by Ali Meehan, connecting women from all over Spain – from 59 different countries – to give and receive useful information, tips and advice and interesting stories. They also organize local group meetings so you can meet like-minded women in your area.

Costa Women was created as a community for Women who are living in, or thinking about relocating to Spain. Apart from being an essential connection point you can also join the online community, which is free of charge, and get tips and advice about living in Spain.

image-renateOne of the many things offered on the site is presenting women who have been interviewed about their life and experiences in Spain. Being an artist and a writer and now the initiator of La Herradura and Almuñécar Cultural they have also interviewed me and you can read it here on Costa Women.

Costa Women invites women to use the website as a springboard to find other Women who have the same interests, or hobbies and to create a network of friends. You can check out and join the website here.


Costa Women is a free Community for Women living in, or planning on moving to Spain, connecting women all over Spain and the islands.
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