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Anne Zipse and her love for the sea

acto-presentacion-festival-del-mar-la-herradura-16-3_optThis coming weekend the Sea Festival is taking place and lots is happening, you can check it out on the poster below.

Anne Zipse, here with Juan Jose Juan Jose Ruiz Joya, the deputy mayor,  is the initiator of the Festival del Mar in la Herradura

“When I drove by la Herradura on my way to work I instantly fell in love with it, it seemed to resonate with me and I am delighted to now call it my home” says Anne. The love for the sea and an invitation for a music and Sea festival in San Francisco that she couldn’t go to inspired her to organise a sea festival in La Herradura.

“When I am in the sea, I feel my soul; it makes me feel alive and fills me with inspiration. For me the festival is a way of giving back to the sea and to inspire others to see the sea as a living creature that needs to be looked after and kept clean; just like our homes, our shoes and our clothes. The sea isn’t simply a resource… it belongs to us all” she passionately explains.

With her passion and multi-lingual skills it was no surprise she managed to get the support of the local authorities as well as from environmental and conservation experts and groups. She also managed to involve a group of enthusiastic volunteers and soon the Asociación Amigos Del Mar Costa Tropical was born.

Five years later and on the verge of the fourth La Herradura Sea festival it promises to be a fantastic event!


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