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Volunteer and join the fun

amigos-del-mar-posrer-this-yearVolunteer and join the fun!

Here are some ideas for having some fun with us during the Festival del Mar on 7 and 8 October 2016.

Have you ever heard of a human slot machine?

We are looking for a team of three people who enjoy raising funds for the festival. A donation of 1 € activates the slot machine) The Amigos del Mar Association donates the prizes that can be won. Check out how it works here.

Do you like to pay trivial pursuit? Help us develop and carry out a marine trivial pursuit!

Are you good at graphic design? We need you! Take advantage of this opportunity to show case some of your talent and help us design the poster and programme of this year’s festival!

Are you an amateur photographer or do you like to shoot videos?

Become the eyes of the 2016 Sea Festival!

You love to fly?

Help out and join the fun with the Octopus kites for children!

You have a passion for endangered species?

Point out the species who are in danger of extinction to the visitors who come to our table with species identification (dried examples and information available).

Or would you simply like to lend a hand during one of the days of the Festival?

Please get in touch with Francisca (Paqui)

689 548 919 /

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