Artichoke Pasta

artichoke-pasta-op-bordArtichoke Pasta


Spaghetti or another pasta that you fancy

Frozen artichokes or artichokes from a tin or jar

3 cloves of garlic

Freshly grated Padano cheese

Small piece of butter

Olive oil

Salt and black pepper



Cut the artichokes in pieces

Bring water with salt to boil in a large pan

Put a good splash of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the artichoke, which you sprinkle with a little bit of salt when in the pan.

When the water is boiling you add the pasta and immediately loosen it with a fork to prevent it from sticking. No need to put olive oil in the pan.

artichoke-spaghetti-in-pan-met-boterklontjesWhen the artichoke is getting slightly browned you add the finely chopped garlic

Make sure the garlic does not burn

When the pasta is ‘al dente’ you add it to artichokes in the frying pan

Add black pepper, a few tiny pieces of butter and some freshly grated Padano cheese.

Bon appetit!




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