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A Herradura born ceramicist

rosi-ceramic-roses-on-doorRosario González Torres, or Rosi as her friends call her, was born and raised in La Herradura. She always had a passion for art, both for paintings and sculptures. She loved watching it and understanding it – she still does – and whenever she could she would purchase something. She bought quite a few paintings of the late Pepe Gámez who used to live in the village, but she didn’t start off her career as an artist. You could say that circumstances have turned her into a ceramicist. rosi-pig

She used to work in an office as an administrative employee. Then the company she worked for had to close down and she was made redundant. She had had enough of working with her head and wanted to work with her hands. Rosi started studying ceramic art in Motril and loved it. After her studies she was offered a job at rosi-vogelnestjesFelicia Hall’s art gallery, which used to be in the village. When the gallery had to close down due to the recession Rosi decided to use the space beneath her home as a ceramic studio.rosi-swann

Meanwhile she has developed her own unique style. She doesn’t feel particularly inspired by a specific theme or style, she just creates whatever comes up when she starts working. Ideas just come into her head.  Rosi also has a passion for using existing old objects, for example old doors, iron fences, you name it. For this reason you can regularly find her at local boot fairs, such as the Sunday markets in Nerja and Almuñécar. She also finds things in the street, for example household items people throw out. Rosi loves creating ceramic wall objects or fusing existing objects, such as old doors, with ceramic. Sherosi-white-flamencos is now a full time ceramic artist and also gives classes to adults and children. She especially likes working with children, she finds that very gratifying. Rosi can usually be found in her studio which is open to the public.
Rosi feels that art is important in day-to-day life and that being able to appreciate art can create an extra dimension in your life, or as Rosi says “Art can calm the senses and make you more sensitive and less angry.”

You can read more about Rosi in Reflections from La Herradura.

Rosario González Torres


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