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Green Tea, a perfect drink

tea leaves plantation
tea leaves plantation

You’ve heard it before. Green tea is good for us and some even claim it is the healthiest drink on earth because of its many antioxidants and nutrients that supposedly have powerful effects on the body. It is said to be able to improve the brain function, stimulate fat loss and many other benefits.

One of the key active ingredients is caffeine which is known to be a stimulant. However, green tea has a lot less caffeine than coffee but enough to produce the positive effect caffeine can have on the body. It can improve your reaction time and memory but also your mood. White tea, which has similar benefits has less caffeine than green tea.

Green tea is also believed to boost the metabolic rate. If you look at the ingredients of many fat burning supplements there is a good chance that green tea will be on the list. Human controlled studies have shown that it does increase fat burning.

There are also studies that suggest that green tea can kill bacteria and inhibit some viruses, so in fact lowering your risk of infections. Studies also have shown that regular consumption of green tea can get rid of certain bacteria in the mouth and thus reduce bad breath.

There are thousands of varietals of green tea which are grown throughout the world. There are a lot of people who swear by a daily consumption of 4 to 6 cups a day. One of them is Michelle Rabin, a US citizen who has recently found her way to La Herradura.

Michelle used to be addicted to Coca Cola and knowing how unhealthy this was she was looking for an alternative. When she heard about green tea she went to China Town in New York and got herself some tea, boiled it for 10 minutes and then couldn’t drink it because it tasted so horrible. She then bought some lemon grass green tea bags which did taste a little better, but still wasn’t her favourite drink. However she kept drinking it and after a while started to like the taste. The first month she had a lot of headaches which was to be expected as her body had to get rid of the caffeine addiction due to her coca cola habit.

Six months later on a trip to South East Asia, in Singapore she got to know whole leaf green tea and learned how to prepare it. This experience changed her life.

foto Michelle met haar tea-shirtMichelle became a tea lover. So much so that she started a tea blog called T Ching. It is a non-profit tea blog with lots of guest writers from all over the world, and interesting articles free for you to read. T Ching recently won the Best Tea Blog award at the World Tea Expo – which is the leading international event for the tea industry, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The blog is read by people from 57 countries around the world.

How to prepare your cup of green tea

To prepare your cup of green tea it is not necessary to boil the water as it should be 85⁰ Celsius. If you do want to boil it first you can simply let it cool down a bit.  It is recommendable to use a water thermometer to make sure you have the right temperature. Depending upon the specific type of green tea, you can steep the tea leaves for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. It is important to give the leaves lots of room to unfurl or open up. When it is ready you remove the leaves from the water and save them so you can use them for your next cup of tea. By each time adding an extra 30 seconds to the brew time, you should be able to re-steep the tea many times throughout the day.

Green tea in cupper potYou better get the kettle on!

If you would like to be inspired and find out about more about green tea and other teas, please feel free to pay T Ching a visit.



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