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Argaric finds

jar from Angel storyAn Argaric earthenware pitcher of about 4,000 years old that was found in Murcia. The spout is missing but you can still see its function of containing refresh water.

The La Herradura Bay is located on the western edge of the area where there was a large influence of the El Argar culture around 4,000 years ago, at the beginning of the Bronze Age. This area is one of the first known in Europe and occupied the current provinces of Almeria, Granada and Murcia, and a part of Jaén and Ciudad Real; It takes its name from the area that was the first to be excavated, in the Almeria town of Antas.

El Argar originated from a culture a thousand of years before it, centered in the municipality of Santa Fe de Mondújar, in the same province, at about 15 km north of the capital. This site is very well constructed and is worth a visit; You can see how, perhaps for the first time in the history of Western society, a lot of time and energy was devoted to obtaining crops. The Archaeological Museum of Almeria capital is also highly recommendable to pay a visit.

1280px-Sword_bronze_age example
example of argaric sword

The Peña Parda area also shows that La Herradura was an Argaric village, as a farmer, some decades ago, found an antique sword identified as “La Herradura’s argaric sword” which is also the longest of its kind found with its 65 cm. Generally speaking the Bay seems to be an area of archaeological importance, with sites that seem to prove human occupation of more than eight thousand years ago, but unfortunately, no excavation has taken place as yet.

It is not a topic of conversation that arises spontaneously in the village but there are many people who can tell an anecdote relating to archaeological objects found by chance. Those objects or places that were found were destroyed immediately because of fear that they could undermine the real estate value of the land. Probably the most powerful of such heritage destruction, in my opinion, allegedly occurred in the present “Crímenes del Mar”.

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