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Reinaldo Jiménez, a poetic teacher

FOTO REINALDO“My love for La Herradura is a bit like art, difficult to explain, not tangible but a feeling, a strong attraction. It is easy to love the surroundings, the mountains, the sea, but not every village or town is blessed with such a startling backdrop or the same special energy. In poetry the theme of energy is a point of magic, therapeutic even. As a poet it is easy to find words to give tribute and gratitude to this wonderful area in Spain. For many years I have written poems about the Cerro Gordo and about the bay as a very important place, both energetically and spiritually. I love to write about the nature that surrounds us here.”  Says Reinaldo Jiménez Morales.

He was born a ‘cortijero’(someone from a small farm), in a cluster of farmhouses that are part of the village called El Cerval de La Herradura. He loves to teach so he studied to become a teacher and this is what he has been doing ever since.

stapel boeken ReinaldoHe now works with primary school children. Besides his work as teacher he gives talks about my work as an author in libraries and in educational centres, and also gives some courses about literary and about the love for writing, with the intention to make it less academic and to give it a sense of spontaneity and joy.

He writes poetry for everyone, although some friends say that he has books for adults and books for children, but Reinaldo explains that adults equally love and laugh when they read his so-called children’s poetry. He also writes theatre plays- which he says is a fun way of get inside the stories and tales.

Adult books ReinaldoReinaldo has written 5 adult poetry books, 4 children’s poetry books and 3 theatre plays.

On his website ( you’ll find some example texts of his publications. All his publications are in Spanish.

Children's books ReinaldoIf you like to find out more about Reinaldo you can also read his story in the book ‘Reflections from La Herradura’ that is for sale in the web shop of La Herradura Cultural, but also in various bookshops and other establishments in the village.

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